Welcome! Willkommen! Bienvenue!

Thanks for coming on to my Web site.

Any ideas how I could improve my site? Any tips on books or films I might enjoy?

Please tell me what you think. I particularly welcome wise and amusing remarks that I can pilfer and will make me look terribly smart. 

– Richard

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25 Responses to “Welcome! Willkommen! Bienvenue!”

  1. Richard says:

    Can anyone tell me how to make the grey contrasts on my Kindle sharper? It’s all rather muted. – R

  2. sharon says:


    This is a great web site. I loved listening to you talk about how the book unfolded. Congratulations to you and for all that you have accomplished. It would be great to organize a book reading in the Westport area. lets think about it.


  3. Alexander Hoare says:

    The book is a “tour de force” – highly recommended…

  4. erika goddard marko says:

    yes well, i´m not particulary wise or amusing,so that comment is a bit devastating. Would like to see a link to your political and unusual interviews though, and maybe you could give us a lead or something to chew on about “books and films” . Tomorrow is San Jordi in this part of the world,a very traditional fest where girl buys boy a book,and boy give girl a red rose..,i somewhat feel we lose out and personally insist on both. Great web site and good luck with your book and film plans.

  5. admin says:

    Very wise comments! San Jordi sounds like my kind of festival – I have this terrific book of photography, one of my favorites, of the festivals in Spain that came out of the woodwork after Franco died. Fantastic.
    Tis spring, and together, with a friend of mine, have decided to go roast a cabrito. Not the easiest thing in the US. Most goat is served Caribbean style, old and tough and in a stew. But located a farm.
    Re: interviews. I am afraid to post my political stuff here. Most of it too pro capitalist for your revolutionary tastes! Best, R

  6. admin says:

    Alexander – you’re hired!!!!!
    Thanks for the generous comment. best, r

  7. admin says:

    Thank you Sharon! Very kind.
    And I will take you on your generous offer – when Scribner’s releases 100 Foot in the US in the summer of 2010. Best, r

  8. Richard,

    Bravo on this clean & elegant website and I love the Ethel Barrymore quote.

    Delighted to hear your Hundred-Foot Journey will be published by Scribner’s next year. I loved the book and would be surprised if it is not optioned for a movie. Surely the overwhelming success of Slumdog Millionaire suggests Americans are finally waking up to the amazing array of enchantments that comprise India today.

    Proud to know you!

  9. Nancy Anthony says:


    I have yet to exlore the website enough to make useful comments but would like to be on the list of organizers for a reading in Boston. Any other “cod and beans” types out there feel free to chime in.


  10. erika goddard marko says:

    ……….i am actually a petite bourgoies (french is no longer the best) with an awful sense of guilt when there are many who are in need, not so much the revolutionary, more the rebellious.
    There seems to be a lot of mere common sense missing in the world today, and much taking advantage of. Radical opinions, ideas, whatever , coming from either side of the line is not my piece of cake, intelligence and understanding others is best.
    Love the link on the festival in Kerala.
    Have a great cabrito, i´ll be taking a trip to mc donalds…heh! heh!

  11. Richard says:

    wise words. throw all the ideologies out and return to common sense. much would be improved. r

  12. Richard says:

    ….and then go eat some cabrito.

  13. Behar says:

    Wow, Richard — beautiful website. Kudos, my friend! And if it’s something pithy you’re hungering for, here’s one:

    “Dip your pen into your arteries and write.” -William Allen White

    Best always,

  14. admin says:

    Richard – I am definitely stealing that. Terrific. Thank you.
    We’re overdo for a dinner. Best, R

  15. admin says:

    Thanks Mariana – and happily the book has been optioned as a film. R

  16. admin says:

    Nancy – how immensely kind. Will happily come read in Boston – perhaps for one of your many worthwhile causes.
    (Sorry I took so long to respond but still learning this chat thing and you were hiding in a pending comments file I just discovered!)

    best, R

  17. Oryx Cohen says:

    Hey Richard:

    Congrats on the new book. I just ate and your website is making me terribly hungry.


  18. admin says:

    That’s the idea! Thanks for commenting, Oryx. Best, Richard

  19. Kelvin says:

    Ciao Richard –
    We’ve all enjoyed your book out here in SLC! Brought back fond memories of some of the meals I enjoyed “across the hall” and up in Aegeri back in the day.
    Alles Gute!

  20. admin says:

    Thanks, Kelvin, for your support. Come visit soon and taste the real thing! From your bro across the hall, Richard

  21. Vasco Morais says:

    Great pictures and website. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the movie.

  22. susan hanson says:

    Dear Richard,After my mother helen in switzerland received your most recent book she wrote back and I quote”re:the Book, It sparkles like a gem,crackles like an orchestra of words that it is.Carried it like a necklace until i finished his last word.Please ask that he not wait to write a love story after i have left as it could rise me from my rest.I can not afford to miss it so you would have to plant it under your rose bush.He is a conspicously gifted writer.His command of the english spiced with Indian kitchen nouns is a feast that butters the brain.Loved it..mor.more,more” Well there you have it Richard i think it would be right for me to say you have a true Fan in my mother.Love Susan

  23. admin says:

    Sue, Please tell your mother I am her fan. Thanks for the lovely note. Hugely appreciated. Best, Richard

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