American Library Association gives 100 Foot starred review


The American Library Association has given The Hundred-Foot Journey a starred review in their June 1st Booklist:

*The Hundred-Foot Journey.
Morais, Richard C. (Author)
Jul 2010. 256 p. Scribner, hardcover, $23.00. (9781439165645).

Grandson of an entrepreneurial lunchbox deliveryman, Chef Hassan Haji tells of his rise to culinary success in Paris via Bombay, London, and a small town in the French Alps. In retrospective, with a fond, over-the-shoulder regard, he presents the lively family members, friends, and former foes who shaped the young chef, leading him to face his destiny and realize that cooking is not only in his heritage but also in his blood and bones. The novel floats along a bounty of vivid food imagery, a twisty-turny river of dishes Indian, French, and everything in between. With an obvious insider’s knowledge of the restaurant milieu, well-published journalist Morais delivers a world where Michelin stars determine not only the popular appeal of a restaurant but also the happiness and self-worth of its executive chef. This novel, of mythic proportions yet told with truly heartfelt realism, is a stunning tribute to the devotion of family and food, in that order. Bound to please anyone who has ever been happily coaxed to eat beyond the point of fullness, overwhelmed by the magnetism of “just one more bite.”— Annie Bostrom

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    I can’t wait to read!

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    obrigado!!! r

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