Roberta Rubin, one of America’s finest booksellers, gets top prize

One of the finest booksellers in the country is Roberta Rubin and her Book Stall at Chestnut Court in Winnetka, Ill. It was Roberta’s sheer passion for THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY, way before everyone else in America, that helped put my little book on the map. It is she who got The Hundred-Fooot Journey on the prestigious IndieBound list.
          I owe her so much – as do many other writers across the nation. So imagine our delight when Publisher’s Weekly just named her and the Book Stall, PW’s Bookstore Of the Year.
           Way to go, Roberta!

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2 Responses to “Roberta Rubin, one of America’s finest booksellers, gets top prize”

  1. Liz Beverley says:

    Dear Readers hopefully Richard!!
    In Harrods the young Hassan Haji did not see ‘gently smoked ostrich’ from Australia, as I guess by now millions of readers would have told Richard…Australia has emu not ostriches. It seems such a well researched piece of writing too.
    Oh well poor Aussies.
    We still meet American tourists overseas who marvel at our English skills as they always confuse Austria with Australia, they say.
    If it is made into a film and this scene is included- please do an edit.
    Thanks. I am enjoying the book and the time to relax over Easter.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment Liz, but Hassan did see gently smoked ostrich from Australia. Emu are the indigenous Australian species, of course, but I have never seen Emu on any menu in Europe or America. Only ostrich. So Australian farmers, wanting to actually sell meat, rear ostrich for export. Here is an example: . Glad you are enjoying my little book. Best, Richard

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