2015 Citizen Diplomat of the Year

Richard C. Morais in Kindergarten at ICS, with friend Yuko

Richard C. Morais in Kindergarten at ICS, with friend Yuko

All my writing life, I have quietly tried to find what I have in common with characters far different from who I am and the heritage I was born into. I did this entirely for my own selfish reasons, so I wouldn’t feel so strange and alone in the world, but many years later, it seems the fantasies I explored in the privacy of my writing room have resonated with others.

This week Global Ties U.S., an umbrella group for over 120 non-profits that is helping to “shape U.S. foreign relations by opening avenues for greater understanding and cooperation,” is granting me their highest honor, the 2015 Citizen Diplomat of The Year, an award largely financed by the U.S. State Department.

Why? “Mr. Morais is receiving this award for promoting cross-cultural understanding in all his literary works,” Global Ties U.S. stated in its press announcement.

There have been nine other recipients of this prestigious award so far, including Maya Angelou and Senator J. William Fulbright, so I am sure you can understand why I am deeply moved by this honor.

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  1. Elizabeth Williams Herz says:

    Congratulations on this amazing honour
    Keep up the amazing writing which we all enjoy so much.
    Kind regards,
    Elizabeth w Herz

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the well-wishes Elizabeth. best, R

  3. Roberta Baldo says:

    Dear Richard,

    Congratulations on this impressive and well-deserved award. We look forward to reading more of your splendid writing!


    Roberta and Jonathan Baldo

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Roberta and Jon. So lovely to hear from you. Come down to NYC for dinner and escape your 12 foot snow drifts for 6 foot snowdrifts! Love, R

  5. Leyla Lavenex says:

    Dear Mr.Mr.Morais,
    Sincere congratulations on your award of Citizen Diplomat of the Year 2015. What an honour. If I may ask, are you working on a new novel,looking forward to it, good sailings in everything you do,respectful regards from Switzerland, Leyla Lavenex.

  6. Morais says:

    Thank you Ms. Lavenex. I am working on a third novel – which takes place in Switzerland! — but my second novel called Buddhland Brooklyn is also published (auf Deutsch) by Pendo Verlag as Buddha in Brooklyn. All best, Richard

  7. Diana Clyne says:

    Mr. Morais: What a joy you have brought to the world! Belated congratulations on your award. I have a humble suggestion on a work only you can probably write.

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