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Welcome. Thanks for coming on to the website of “scribbler” Richard C. Morais.

For years I made my living as a Senior Editor and foreign correspondent at Forbes, quietly and without too much fuss writing fiction in my spare time. But the tumultuous times were crying out for change, and this website is a small, personal manifestation of just that: it’s my official launch of my life as a novelist.

My hope is you will come to enjoy my novels and the many supporting web posts – the video clips, the book tour diaries through exotic lands, the literary discussions on the blog.

Why this sudden focus on fiction?

The 21st century started with a frightening bang and the more journalistic “analysis” I read or saw or heard, about the nature of our collective problems, the more befuddled I became. The changing nature of the media and its economic pressures were programming ever more superficial journalism. But sometimes, when reading a novel or watching a film, I found myself deeply moved, for these fictional works had cut clearly to the core of a matter and reached me in ways the talking heads on the tube never had.

There are in fact so many profound issues going on, at so many levels, that the images found in novels and films seem like the only possible means for a writer like myself to capture and process the furious cross currents of our time.

So here, for the public record, the manifesto by which I want to be judged: to write entertaining fiction, full of life and wit, that still contains some essential truths or provoking thoughts that resonate with the reader well after the story is over.

Please let me know if I have succeeded. Or failed.

And accept my sincerest thanks for your valuable time.

Richard C. Morais

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