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“Mind, Body, Spirit” from New Zealand

Thursday, December 20th, 2012


“When Oda is sent to America to open a Buddhist temple in New York, Buddhaland Brooklyn, much like the lotus sutra which is the core of its philosophy, blossom out of muddy waters into a hilarious, thought-provoking clash of cultures where Oda is forced to confront the practice of his training in a world that in his eyes is barbaric and ill-suited to true believers. In the acknowledgements, Morais emphasises this is a work of fiction but ironically it wonderfully captures all of the beauty and difficulty of all spiritual paths where the middle way is found in walking the talk and talking the walk.

That’s the conclusion of the New Zealand reviewer of spiritual books, Mike Alexander. Click here to read his full review of Buddhaland Brooklyn and other spiritual books Alexander covers in “Mind, Body, Spirit.”


Spiritual-Literary Discussion of Buddhaland, Brooklyn

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Walter Mason and his friend, Stepahnie Dowrick, run the Universal Heart Book Club  in Australia and discuss my book, Buddhaland Brooklyn, alongside The Hope. Separately, Walter Mason, author of the acclaimed travel memoir, Destinatin Saigon, has written a  review of Buddhaland Brooklyn.

Very nice.  Check out their sweet YouTube discussion.



Thursday, June 21st, 2012

My Australian publisher, Allen & Unwin, created the eye-catching split cover for The Hundred-Foot Journey that was adopted in the U.S. and the UK and helped turn that book into an international bestseller. The talented artists at Allen & Unwin have once again created an outstanding example of cover art, in my opinion, with this warm and elegant front flap for Buddhaland Brooklyn (see above left). I can honestly say that both the Scribner cover (right) and Allen & Unwin’s efforts, each very different, are very pleasing to my eye. May both houses be rewarded for their efforts.

Aussies on Board for Buddhaland Brooklyn

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

One of the finest publishers I came across when The Hundred-Foot Journey started its rollout across twenty-one territories around the globe, was Australia’s much-respected independent, Allen & Unwin. The firm was voted Australia’s Publisher of the Year in 2011.

I am not surprised Allen & Unwin got it’s 10th industry hat-tip. I found that right off the bat, everyone from Allen & Unwin’s managing director, Patrick Gallagher, to its charming publisher, Annette Barlow, put their weight behind my tale of the Haji family and powered my little book right through the bookshops of Australia.

It was seriously impressive to watch these publishing pros at work. What they accomplished with my novel in Australia and New Zealand speaks for itself, including the fact that Scribner in the US and Alma in the UK dropped their own The Hundred-Foot Journey covers to adopt Allen & Unwin’s stunning design. That’s the sincerest form of flattery.

So imagine my delight when I learned Allen & Unwin have signed up for round two of the Morais merry-go-round. My Australian publishers are publishing BUDDHALAND BROOKLYN in September of this year.

Woohooo! That means all my publishers in the US, UK, and Aus/NZ have come back for seconds – a huge vote of confidence, for which I am very grateful. Life can indeed be very good.

May they all be handsomely rewarded.

New UK cover

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

This is the new UK cover of The Hundred-Foot Journey. My British publisher, Alma Books, has adopted the Australian cover by Allen & Unwin that helped turn my book into a bestseller Down Under.

Hundred-Foot: Reader’s Guide

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

A literary sandwich to love.

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Sales for The Hundred-Foot Journey are still going strong three months after my book was published in Australia. It’s pretty surreal to be sandwiched on a bestseller list between Annie Proulx and Man Booker-winner, Howard Jacobson.

Indie Top 10 Bestsellers

1 Five Bells, Gail Jones (Random)
2 The Leopard, Jo Nesbo (Random House)
3 Jasper Jones, Craig Silvey (Allen & Unwin)
4 The King’s Speech, Mark Logue & Peter Conradi (Quercus)
5 Jamie’s 30-minute Meals, Jamie Oliver (Penguin)
6 Franklin and Eleanor: An Extraordinary Marriage, Graham Dunkley (MUP)
7 Bird Cloud, Annie Proulx (HarperCollins)
8 The Hundred-foot Journey, Richard C. Morais (Allen & Unwin)
9 The Finkler Question, Howard Jacobson (Bloomsbury)
10 Life: Keith Richards, Keith Richards (Hachette)

Indie bestsellers at 19th February 2011. This weekly bestsellers list is compiled from data from a cross-section of independent bookshops, all members of Leading Edge Books.

Nailed by the Sun Herald (Sydney)

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Behind the scenes: The Book Show on ABC National Radio

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Ex-journalists don’t normally make good interviews, because they know the tricks of the trade and tend to be wary, but it’s amazing how a pro can gently pull details out without me being aware they are doing it. I usually only recognize this after the interview is over. Anita Barraud on ABC National Radio’s The Book Show in Australia is in that category: she did a first-rate job peeling my onion and giving her audience a behind the scenes glimpse into my little book.

To listen to our interview hit the “Download The Audio” link on The Book Show.

US paperback cover

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

On August 9th my US publisher, Scribner, will be releasing the paperback version of The Hundred-Foot Journey. Here is an advance peak at the cover. It’s inspired by the successful Allen & Unwin cover in Australia, where my little book hit the best seller list, and includes a “literary destination” teaser quote from America’s National Public Radio.

I think it’s terrific. Very pleased.

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