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Defying the Terror

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

UnknownIn this time of angst, when civilization seems so perilous, it is particularly pleasing to celebrate my latest publisher, Zodyak Kitap of Turkey, coming to the fold. I hope the Haji family and Madame Mallory do particularly well in Turkey and Zodyak Kitap is justly rewarded.

Pierre Cardin Bio Reissued

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013


Delighted that my unauthorized biography, Pierre Cardin: The Man Who Became A Label, has been reissued in e-book form. I wrote the book when I was in my 20s, when we lived in London. Published by Bantam Press, it was greeted with critical acclaim when it came out in 1991. Here are some of the reviews from back in the day:

“Richard Morais has an easy, witty style which carries one with panache through the life of a fairly unattractive man. It’s a journalistic style which matches his subject perfectly, but his power of description – the rue de Rivoli in early morning, London’s Teddy Boys in the Fifties – suggests a more sensitive talent searching for fulfillment…. There is extraordinary, often startling information throughout this book, but the pleasure is in the writing. I hope he is working on his second book.” –  Moira Shearer, The Sunday Telegraph

“Morais’ style makes for compulsive reading.” – Sir Ralph Halpern, Sunday Express

“Cardin is undoubtedly one of the world’s most successful businessmen, and how he got there is a fascinating story which Morais tells colorfully and well. It is no hagiography; neither is it a hatchet job. He has caught the essence of the man.”  – Lucia van de Post,Financial Times

“The author’s analytical business mind unraveling of the complexities of this secret empire is the strength of this book, which, in the world of vainglorious fashion biographies stuffed with glossy pictures, is thorough, excellently researched, racy and entertaining.” – Suzy Menkes, International Herald Tribune

“I praise a very efficient piece of journalism…. an astute journalist who has not been seduced by Cardin’s charm…. This excellent book is heady stuff to the aspirant dress designer.” – Sir Hardy Amies, The Daily Telegraph

‘Cardin, an extreme eccentric, has no business organization and operates on total confusion…. The book is full of hilarious tales of mismanagement, and the very weirdness of his life: a homosexual famous for his affair with Jeanne Moreau, a man who talks of himself in the third person, who lives alone with his 90-year-old sister, dresses like a tramp, and can hardly shave, a world of millionaire megalomania worthy of Howard Hughes.” – Adrian Danmatt, The Times

“A controversial new biography.” – Jonathan Cooper, The European

“Morais has a readable, if scurrilous line in gossip: we learn that Jean Cocteau liked to masturbate behind a two-way mirror in a local public sauna and that the fashion designer Balenciaga used a clean linen handkerchief to clean his dog’s bottom during walks.” – Lisa Armstrong, The Independent

“’It was instantaneous. I knew his reputation as a homosexual. I didn’t give a damn,’ Jeanne Moreau said. Paris was amazed and Cardin’s boyfriend André was furious. He threatened suicide and had to be bought off, says Richard Morais, in a well-researched, unauthorized biography…” – Peter Grosvenor, Daily Express

“Packed with wicked gossip, scurrilous anecdotes and mountains of contextual information. …Morais dissects several myths that most of the press are happy to swallow.” – Men’s Wear


Japan Joins the 100-Foot Family

Monday, October 21st, 2013

tra_other_img01My new sub-agent in Japan, the famous Tuttle Mori Agency, just held an auction for the rights to The Hundred-Foot Journey. The  winner of the bidding was the Japanese publishing house, Shueisha, which publishes everything from comic books to Proust in Japan.

Kangei – welcome – or 歓迎.

That brings the publishers worldwide of The Hundred-Foot Journey to a robust 25 houses.

Foreign Publishers Buy Buddhaland Brooklyn

Thursday, August 30th, 2012


Foreign publishers have been slowly but steadily buying into Buddhaland Brooklyn. First to sign in was HarperCollins Publishers India. This is especially sweet to me. HarperCollins India gave me my first break in publishing, buying my little novel, The Hundred-Foot Journey, when it was a mere novella and then having me come to India for a book tour. Shortly thereafter the walls of indifference that I had met in the US and the UK crumbled, all because of the extremely generous reviews I received in India.

The classy Italian publisher, Neri Pozza, has also bought into Buddhaland Brooklyn. They, too, were among my first supporters in Europe and it’s a huge vote of confidence that this respected publisher, fighting it out in the stressed Italian economy, so believe in my skills as a writer that they have again placed a bet on my fiction.

Pretty fine, particularly since just north of the Italian border, the Pendo imprint of the great German publisher Piper Verlag, have also signed on. Pendo is the powerhouse that produced the elegant German hardback of my first novel and has come back for seconds, even before they have released the paperback of my first novel. For some reason I can’t pull Pendo’s logo off their home page, but the absence of a logo here doesn’t mean tepid excitement. Quite the opposite. It’s red-hot.





Alma Publishing UK Edition of BUDDHALAND BROOKLYN

Thursday, March 15th, 2012


I am delighted to announce that my UK publishers, the talented husband-and-wife team that built both Alma Books and Alma Classics, will be publishing BUDDHALAND BROOKLYN in late February or early March in 2013.

BUDDHALAND BROOKLYN, to be published in the US July 17 by Scribner, is about a repressed Buddhist priest sent to New York to open a temple.

Alessandro Gallenzi and Elisabetta Minervini have created an author’s publisher in Alma Books, their passion for literature defying the cynicism of the modern book industry. They did a wonderful job publishing The Hundred-Foot Journey in the UK, and I can honestly say that their tag line – “A publisher with a soul” – pretty neatly sums up Alma Books.

If you doubt my word just read their recently published Brilliance by Anthony McCarten, a riveting tale about an impoverished Thomas Edison getting sucked into the bear-like embrace of the famous American banker, J. P. Morgan.

McCarten sure can write. The first line of the novel – “The inventor poured himself a glass of milk and listened for the twentieth century” – had me hooked. Alma Books quietly and consistently produces such intelligent, well-written books for discerning readers who love literature. So I am thrilled my scribbles are included in Alma’s exquisite portfolio of contemporary novels.


Poland In The Pack

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011


A week ago I challenged my foreign rights agent, Alexis Hurley at InkWell Management, to find 20 overseas markets for The Hundred-Foot Journey. Just a few days after delivering Finland, Alexis has delivered Poland – our 20th territory. Pretty cool.

So a warm welcome to Bellona SA of Poland, a half-century-old publisher best known for non-fiction, but making moves into fiction. Witamy!

Umm, Alexis? Clearly I have to raise the bar. Can you do 25? Huh? Can you manage that?

Buddhaland Brooklyn to be published July, 2012

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Buddhaland Brooklyn

I am pleased to announce that Scribner, publisher of The Hundred-Foot Journey, will be publishing my second novel, Buddhaland Brooklyn, in July 2012. It’s about a Japanese Buddhist priest recounting the life journey that made him discover his true home in America. To learn more go here.

This summer, on August 8th, Scribner is publishing the paperback version of The Hundred-Foot Journey, which will be featured in the American Booksellers Association’s prestigious IndieNext list for August as one of the summer’s best paperback releases. The paperback has already been featured in O as one of Oprah magazine’s top nine books to take to the beach.

Portuguese publisher fires up the press

Monday, April 25th, 2011

On May 16th, my Portuguese publisher, Dom Quixote, will be publishing The Hundred-Foot Journey as A Viagem dos Cem Passos. Portuguese literary sites like Conspiraçao das letras and Cultura online have started the drum roll. In December, 2011, Editora Record in Brazil will be publishing a Brazilian edition.

New Hungarian Publisher

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Very pleased to announce that I have a new publisher in Hungary. Athenaeum Kiado Kft publishes monster-successes like Jodi Picoult and Paulo Coehlo, so I am very pleased to be among such august company. Athenaeum will be publishing the Hungarian edition of The Hundred-Foot Journey in the fall of 2011. Welcome!

On a roll – to Indonesia

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

After closing a deal for me in Spain, my international rights agent, Alexis Hurley, just sold The Hundred-Foot Journey to Mizan Publishing, the dynamic house publishing 600 books a year in Indonesia. The word Mizan, in Arabic, means “balance,” a fortuitous moniker for this fast-growing publisher in Jakarta founded by three university students back in 1983. The very idea that my little book about Hassan Haji will one day be found in the Bahasa Indonesia language among the bookstalls of the world’s largest Muslim nation, is, to put it mildly, a considerable honor.

All these pre-Frankfurt deals seem to bode rather well for the world’s most famous book fair taking place early next month.

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