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Audio On Its Way

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Anyone who has ever heard me read from The Hundred-Foot Journey knows how much fun I have acting out the voices of the Haji family. Particularly Big Abbas, Hassan’s father, with all his characteristic bluster.

So I am thrilled that my US publisher, Scribner, has done a deal with Blackstone Audio to come out with the audio versions of both Buddhaland Brooklyn and The Hundred-Foot Journey. Anyone who wants to pre-ordeer can do so by going directly to Blackstone Audio or through the usual suspects like AmazonPowell’s, or Barnes & Noble.

It looks like the MP3 CD and the 7 CD audio set of Buddhaland Brooklyn will be first up, the emergence of Reverend Seido Oda’s voice and narrative timed to coincide with the book’s US and Canada release on July 17th. The Hundred-Foot Journey appears set for a later release. Still, better late than never and very sweet news.

Can’t wait to find out which actors Blackstone are hiring to read my little books.



Alma Publishing UK Edition of BUDDHALAND BROOKLYN

Thursday, March 15th, 2012


I am delighted to announce that my UK publishers, the talented husband-and-wife team that built both Alma Books and Alma Classics, will be publishing BUDDHALAND BROOKLYN in late February or early March in 2013.

BUDDHALAND BROOKLYN, to be published in the US July 17 by Scribner, is about a repressed Buddhist priest sent to New York to open a temple.

Alessandro Gallenzi and Elisabetta Minervini have created an author’s publisher in Alma Books, their passion for literature defying the cynicism of the modern book industry. They did a wonderful job publishing The Hundred-Foot Journey in the UK, and I can honestly say that their tag line – “A publisher with a soul” – pretty neatly sums up Alma Books.

If you doubt my word just read their recently published Brilliance by Anthony McCarten, a riveting tale about an impoverished Thomas Edison getting sucked into the bear-like embrace of the famous American banker, J. P. Morgan.

McCarten sure can write. The first line of the novel – “The inventor poured himself a glass of milk and listened for the twentieth century” – had me hooked. Alma Books quietly and consistently produces such intelligent, well-written books for discerning readers who love literature. So I am thrilled my scribbles are included in Alma’s exquisite portfolio of contemporary novels.


New Trend: Restaurants and Book Stores Teaming Up

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Cape Cod Times/Christine Hochkep

In East Sandwich, a town in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Titcomb’s Bookshop and Momo’s Food Emporium are cleverly teaming up to start a “Food & Book” series. As the Cape Cod Times reports:

The first gathering is Jan. 25. Momo’s Food Emporium on Route 6A in East Sandwich will cook recipes from Richard Morais’ debut novel, “The Hundred-Foot Journey” (Scribner Book Company, $15). The book, rich in detail and well-researched anecdotes, is about a boy from India with lowly beginnings who ends up taking on some of France’s greatest chefs.

“We’re going to mimic the opening night meal described in the book,” says Neila Neary, owner of Momo’s.

The evening will feature passed hors d’oeuvres. Neary says attendees will have a chance to socialize, collect recipes and learn a bit about how spices are used in Indian cooking. Momo’s four chefs will also prepare Indian dishes to sell in the specialty shop’s takeout case.



More rants and raves from Canada

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

More from up north where my little book appears to be doing quite well.

Here is a fun take from a librarian and book lover with her own blog roll of reviews.


Oh, Canada!

Saturday, October 15th, 2011


My childhood friend, Eric Felber, lives in Calgary, Canada. He  called to tell me he was in his local Costco and The Hundred-Foot Journey was piled high at the front of the store and the good folk of Canada were grabbing my book. Love to hear it. All this because Costco Canada buyer Catherine Bergeron made it her top pick.

Here, too, is a very generous critique in the Toronto Sun by that foodie pro, Rita Demontis.

As my editor says, we need to summer in Canada and winter in Australia. Both these Commonwealth nations have been very good to me and my little book.

Got my Canadian passport dusted off.


Germany: 100 Foot Best Book Of The Fall

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Nord Deutsche Rundfunk is the equivalent of PBS for the northern half of Germany. Part of their cultural programming on the radio this week was “Das Gemischte Doppel,” a literary segment in which two urbane literary critics (Annemarie Stoltenberg and Rainer Moritz) pitched what they believe are the best books getting published in Germany during the fall of 2011. You’ve got to love high-brow Germans – this charming radio show, with breaks, lasted three hours and was moderated by Raliza Nikolov. Germanic love of literature just oozes from this slot.

There is, of course, a self-serving purpose to all this. My German publisher, Pendo Verlag, is publishing The Hundred-Foot Journey on September 29th, under the German title, Madame Mallory und der kleine indische Küchenchef. The erudite critics on the NDR show named my little book one of the top 21 books getting published in Germany this fall, up there with Per Petterson and Pete Dexter.

Das ist ein so schöner Roman, der von lebeslust und freude gerade so sprühlt,” said Frau Stoltenberg. Roughly translated: “This is such a lovely novel, it sparkles with joie de vivre and fun.” For those who speak German and care to listen in, here is the link to the entire show. My book is introduced roughly 19 minutes into the second stretch. Interestingly, one of the two key themes of German publishing this fall, according to these critics, is “artistic fulfillment” (the other is “old age”.) Herr Moritz has a name for novels like mine – “intelligent entertainment,” which is not to be confused with low-brow entertainment.

Not sure what all this means exactly, but it sure sounds nice. This website has run the NDR critics’ list of 21 books under the headline, “Best Books Of Fall Named Before The Frankfurt Book Fair.” Sweet!



Wednesday, September 21st, 2011



Simon & Schuster, parent company of my publisher, Scribner, has done a lovely job with its Wanderlust Book Club Sampler. Besides my little book, The Hundred-Foot Journey, there are a total of eight very fine books to choose from, including Kate Morton’s The Distant Hours, and Anuradha Roy’s, An Atlas Of Impossible Longings. All the books were chosen for their ability to whisk the reader off on some “armchair travel.”

The Wanderlust Book Club Sampler, which you can download as a Pdf or in e-form for tablets and computers, includes a chapter from each book, Q&A with the author, tips for book club discussions, and a small essay, from each author, on a very personal travel memory.

Superb. Check it out here.

On NYT’s prestigious “Paperback Row”

Saturday, September 17th, 2011



Every week, at the end of The New York Times Book Review‘s Bestseller Lists, the editors of this esteemed literary rag mention a handful of titles they think are the best books currently in the stores. In tomorrow’s NYTBR, The Hundred-Foot Journey is among just eight paperbacks, both fiction and non-fiction, who have been granted this honor in the magazine’s prestigious, Paperback Row. Also on the list: A Journey: My Political Life by ex-Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and the Man Booker-listed novel, “C”, by Tom McCarthy.

As Larry David would say, Pretty, pretty, pretty good. You can perhaps understand why the Morais household will this evening raise a glass of vino (or two) to the Grey Lady. May she live forever.

After reviewing the hardback of my novel in the summer of 2010, the NYTBR similarly included 100-Foot on its coveted Editor’s Choice list last year. Perhaps, with The New York Times’s latest paperback endorsement, even the skeptics will give my little book a try.






Poland In The Pack

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011


A week ago I challenged my foreign rights agent, Alexis Hurley at InkWell Management, to find 20 overseas markets for The Hundred-Foot Journey. Just a few days after delivering Finland, Alexis has delivered Poland – our 20th territory. Pretty cool.

So a warm welcome to Bellona SA of Poland, a half-century-old publisher best known for non-fiction, but making moves into fiction. Witamy!

Umm, Alexis? Clearly I have to raise the bar. Can you do 25? Huh? Can you manage that?

Wassup WSOY!

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Finnish Publisher WSOY

The terrific Alexis Hurley at my agency, Inkwell Management, just told me that our enthusiastic and hard working Scandinavian sub-agent, Ulf Töregård of the Sane Töregård Agency AB in Sweden, has just sold The Hundred-Foot Journey to Finland’s 19th century-founded publisher, WSOY. My humble thanks to WSOY and the fantastic Ulf.

WSOY, the largest publisher of general literature in Finland, was just acquired by the Bonnier publishing group in Sweden. Does that mean Sweden might be up next? Hope so. Norway’s Versal Vorlag was among my first foreign publishers, so I have a particular soft spot for the Scandinavians. GO ULF!!!!!!

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