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On NYT’s prestigious “Paperback Row”

Saturday, September 17th, 2011



Every week, at the end of The New York Times Book Review‘s Bestseller Lists, the editors of this esteemed literary rag mention a handful of titles they think are the best books currently in the stores. In tomorrow’s NYTBR, The Hundred-Foot Journey is among just eight paperbacks, both fiction and non-fiction, who have been granted this honor in the magazine’s prestigious, Paperback Row. Also on the list: A Journey: My Political Life by ex-Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and the Man Booker-listed novel, “C”, by Tom McCarthy.

As Larry David would say, Pretty, pretty, pretty good. You can perhaps understand why the Morais household will this evening raise a glass of vino (or two) to the Grey Lady. May she live forever.

After reviewing the hardback of my novel in the summer of 2010, the NYTBR similarly included 100-Foot on its coveted Editor’s Choice list last year. Perhaps, with The New York Times’s latest paperback endorsement, even the skeptics will give my little book a try.






Woohoo. US paperback in stores.

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

I’m as excited as if the Beaujolais Nouveau just arrived at the stores, and it’s not just because the stock market recovered a hefty chunk of losses today. The real reason? The U.S. paperback of The Hundred-Foot Journey was officially released today.

In celebration, I am reposting The New York Times‘ “editor’s choice” review that ran last year. To read the piece in its entirety, click here.

And I am also posting a link to the interview I gave NPR’s wonderful, The Diane Rehm Show. Click here and hit the “listen” toggle after the page has loaded.

In Britain, The Hundred-Foot Journey can be had at a terrific bargain price, along with an exclusive essay, through the Mail On Sunday‘s book store, where the book is the UK newspaper’s, Book Of The Month for August. For full details, click here.

And, finally, I warmly welcome any and all to join my facebook page where I routinely post updates and answer questions about The Hundred-Foot Journey and my next novel, Buddhaland, Brooklyn. Please do so by clicking here.

Big boost from editorial board at New York Times Book Review

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

I am blessed.

My little novel, The Hundred-Foot Journey, was picked as an “editors’ choice” by the editorial board of The New York Times Book Review.

I am pinching myself.

From a critical standpoint, it sure doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

Drum Roll: New York Times Book Review

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

I have for the last twenty years been working on fiction, most of that time just little moments snatched in the early hours before my demanding day job at Forbes kicked in. It’s been a long, hard slog. So forgive me if I am a little emotional today, but that’s because I just had a major “coming of age” moment in my life as a fiction writer.

The New York Times Book Review just gave a thumbs up to The Hundred-Foot Journey. Read the full review here.

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