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British Review

Saturday, May 25th, 2013


Review of BUDDHALAND BROOKLYN published by the York Press in Britain: “This book has everything: humour, tragedy, conflict…a beautifully-written book to savour and enjoy…I will certainly read it more than once.” For the full review, click here.

Alma Publishing UK Edition of BUDDHALAND BROOKLYN

Thursday, March 15th, 2012


I am delighted to announce that my UK publishers, the talented husband-and-wife team that built both Alma Books and Alma Classics, will be publishing BUDDHALAND BROOKLYN in late February or early March in 2013.

BUDDHALAND BROOKLYN, to be published in the US July 17 by Scribner, is about a repressed Buddhist priest sent to New York to open a temple.

Alessandro Gallenzi and Elisabetta Minervini have created an author’s publisher in Alma Books, their passion for literature defying the cynicism of the modern book industry. They did a wonderful job publishing The Hundred-Foot Journey in the UK, and I can honestly say that their tag line – “A publisher with a soul” – pretty neatly sums up Alma Books.

If you doubt my word just read their recently published Brilliance by Anthony McCarten, a riveting tale about an impoverished Thomas Edison getting sucked into the bear-like embrace of the famous American banker, J. P. Morgan.

McCarten sure can write. The first line of the novel – “The inventor poured himself a glass of milk and listened for the twentieth century” – had me hooked. Alma Books quietly and consistently produces such intelligent, well-written books for discerning readers who love literature. So I am thrilled my scribbles are included in Alma’s exquisite portfolio of contemporary novels.


August Book Of The Month – UK’s Mail On Sunday

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Aaah. Makes me homesick for my beloved London.

The Mail On Sunday, the 2.9 circulation British paper and its YOU magazine, has made The Hundred-Foot Journey its August Book Of The Month.

Bless them. And be sure to check out their detailed reader’s notes, with an extra essay I wrote about how the book came about.

Review in UK’s NewBooks

Monday, June 20th, 2011

NewBooks is a British magazine and web site for compulsive readers and reading groups. Here’s a sweet and to the point review by Anne Cater of The Hundred-Foot Journey.

Getting Seriously Analyzed

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

This reviewer in the United Kingdom has done a seriously thorough job analyzing The Hundred-Foot Journey and myself in a spooky-sounding blog called The Truth About Lies.

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